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What is Hydroseeding?


The spray application of a slurry, comprised of water, seed, fertilizer and wood fibre mulch.


SEED: We use specially formulated seed mixes developed for the pacific north west climate. Our seed mixtures include mixes for: sunny, shaded and low maintenance areas.


FERTILIZER: We use a special formula turf starter fertilizer. This creates a very strong root system, which will give you a beautiful healthy lawn.


MULCH: We use only premium WOOD FIBRE MULCH. The wood fiber is dyed green, with an environmentally safe dye. This helps with application and gives the lawn area an instant look. All the mulch that we use has a TACKIFER included. This helps with the application and acts like a glue except in very heavy rains.


BENEFITS of HYDROSEEDING: There are many benefits to choosing hydrosing over laying turf or hand seeding your lawn. Hydroseeding is the most economical choice for your project as it is 1/6 the price of turf. Compared to hand seeding, hydroseeding results in a better quality lawn which has a more established root system, a more uniform look and overall a better quality of lawn. Hydroseeding is also used as a method of erosion control. Hydroseeing protects the landscape agaisnt soil loss from wind, rain and sun.





Can you tell the difference?

One side was Hydroseeded the other side turfed.

Hydroseed lawn vs regular lawn
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